Screening for Dyslexia


This paper aims to provide an overview and some insight into what is known about screening for dyslexia. Section I provides a brief overview of “what is dyslexia” and the importance of screening for dyslexia risk. In Section II of this paper, we discuss the neurological and behavioral aspects relevant to dyslexia as well as the emerging research in both areas. Section III provides a robust presentation of viewpoints and considerations for best practices in behavioral screening. Section IV provides a brief overview of key statistical considerations one should consider when evaluating a screener with a companion technical report provided in Appendix A. Section V concludes with a checklist to support teachers, school psychologists, and school-based assessment teams in evaluating and choosing universal screeners.


Yaacov Petscher, Hank Fien, Chris Stanley, Brian Gearin, Nadine Gaab, Jack Fletcher, and Evelyn Johnson

Suggested Citation

Petscher, Y., Fien, H., Stanley, C., Gearin, B., Gaab, N., Fletcher, J.M., & Johnson, E. (2019). Screening for Dyslexia. Retrieved from