Preparing Pre-service Candidates to Teach Reading


NCIL, in collaboration with BU, is hosting a series of live webinar discussions on the science of reading, literacy instruction, and literacy-related policies that affect students and teachers.

The Reading the Room series brings together education stakeholders with a shared interest and expertise in improving literacy outcomes for students. This Reading the Room panel will discuss preparing pre-service candidates to use evidence-based methods to teach reading, especially after the instructional disruptions caused by COVID-19. A researcher, university professor, and national expert come together to share their perspectives on the successes, challenges, and role of educator preparation programs in developing knowledgeable and skilled teacher candidates based on reading science.


David Chard, PhD, Dean, BU Wheelock


Holly Lane, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Special Education, University of Florida

David Brobeck, Ph.D, Research Associate, University of Cincinnati Systems Development & Improvement Center

Heather Peske, Ed.D, President, National Council on Teacher Quality


  1. Leveraging American Rescue Plan Funds to Advance Literacy: A Step-by-Step Guide for States and Early Reading Advocates
  2. Massachusetts: A Systems Approach To Improving Reading
  3. Knowledge of Early Reading: State Teacher Preparation Policy Requirements for Elementary, Special Education, and Early Childhood Teachers
  4. Evidence-based Reading Instruction for Grades K-5
  5. Evidence-based Reading Instruction for Adolescents Grades 6-12
  6. Course Enhancement Module: Evidence-based Reading Instruction
  7. Course Enhancement Module: Dyslexia
  8. Ohio P20 Literacy Collaborative Toolkit
  9. All Ohio Literacy
  10. Integrating Reading Foundations: A Tool for College Instructors of Pre‑service Teachers
  11. Empowering Teachers Through Evidence-based Literacy Instruction: The Path Forward
  12. Stronger Together: The Alliance for Reading Science in Higher Education
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