State Services

We provide differentiated technical assistance (TA) services to state education agencies (SEAs) in implementing evidence-based approaches that improve literacy outcomes for PreK-12 children and youth with or at risk for literacy-related disabilities, including dyslexia.

Universal Technical Assistance

Information and resources on a range of topics available through our website to address the needs of SEAs. This includes a repository of resources from other organizations promoting evidence-based literacy practices; Improving Literacy Briefs, research summaries and infographics written by our experts that simplify complex ideas related to literacy. Features that are coming soon include, a reviewed collection of assessment tools, interventions, and apps.

Targeted Technical Assistance

Opportunities and events to meet the common needs of multiple SEAs. This includes an events list of regional professional development workshops and conferences. A variety of activities are under development and will be available soon, including Learning Management System (LMS) courses, and an online Ask-an-Expert tool featuring such experts as Sally Shaywitz.

Intensive Technical Assistance

Designed to be customized for a small number of SEAs & LEAs through an agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding. It includes participating in Continuous Improvement Data Summits and assisting in the development and use of resources and tools for implementing evidence-based screening, identification, and interventions practices. SEAs & LEAs are chosen for intensive TA based on readiness to implement and alignment of goals with NCIL objectives.