Our Work in the Field: Hawaii

NCIL staff and expert coaches are working with several state education agencies and the local education agencies they identify to provide intensive technical assistance.

Our work with Baldwin-Kekaulike-Maui Complex (Maui BLM Complex) focuses on field testing NCIL’s Multi-Tiered System of Support in Reading (MTSS-R) Checklist and Implementation Guide. The purpose of these tools is to support the systems-level coordination of schoolwide reading efforts designed to meet the needs of all learners, including students with or at risk for literacy-related outcomes. Systems addressed include: instruction and intervention, data use, professional development and coaching, leadership, and family engagement.

Our Goals

  • Systems-level coordination of schoolwide reading
  • Establishing school-based literacy teams
  • Action planning, prioritization, and use of a continuous improvement model

Technical Assistance

In collaboration with the Maui BKM Complex, NCIL will field test a Multi-Tiered System of Support in Reading (MTSS-R) Checklist and Implementation Guide. Comprehensive professional development and technical assistance materials are also being developed to support the implementation of effective schoolwide reading systems.

About Baldwin-Kekaulike-Maui (BKM) Complex

The Baldwin-Kekaulike-Maui (BKM) Complex is located in Maui, Hawaii and is part of a statewide school district, the Hawaii State Department of Education. The Hawaii State Department of Education’s mission is to serve their community by developing the academic achievement, charteracter and social-emotional well-being of their students to the fullest potential. They work with partners, families and communities to ensure that all students reach their aspirations, from early learning through college, career and citizenship. The BKM Complex has 22 schools which includes 13 elementary schools.

Meet the Hawaii Team

Kathleen Dimino
Complex Area Superintendent

Lori Yatsushiro
Complex Area School Renewal Specialist

Amanda Bonnell
Complex Resource Teacher – ELA and ECRI

Michelle Tom
Complex Resource Teacher – ELA and ECRI

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