New Mexico

Dyslexia Legislation

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HB 2010, HB 230, and HB 230

New Mexico House Bill 230 defines dyslexia, provides for the screening and intervention of students with dyslexia, and describes the requirements for the state department of education and local school districts concerning professional development related to dyslexia.



According to SB0398, all first grade students will be screened for dyslexia.



New Mexico does not have pre-service legislation related to dyslexia.



HB230 requires the New Mexico Department of Education to recommend professional development material for teachers and administrators regarding dyslexia, and it shall adopt the necessary rules and standards to do so. Further, local school districts are required to ensure that every teacher and administrator who teaches reading is trained to provide and implement appropriate research-based reading intervention; and that special education teachers can provide appropriate specialized reading instruction.



New Mexico law states, "In accordance with department response to intervention procedures, guidelines and policies, each public school district shall provide timely, appropriate, systematic, scientific, research-based interventions recommended by the student assistance team, with progress monitoring to determine the student's response or lack of response, for a student in the secondary tier of response to intervention who meets the criteria in Subsection A of this section prior to referring the student for a special education evaluation."

Literacy State-identified Measurable Result (SIMR) - Part B

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