Dyslexia Legislation

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Nevada AB 341

This law requires accountability reports to include the results of early literacy screening assessments. It also requires each school district and charter school to administer screening assessments and to provide dyslexia therapy and the accommodations or modifications required by federal law to a pupil with dyslexia. Finally, it requires each school district to employ certain professionals with training in dyslexia; and the Department of Education to prepare and publish a Dyslexia Resource Guide.



State law requires the board of trustees of each school district and the governing body of each charter school that serves pupils in kindergarten or grade 1, 2 or 3 to prescribe an early literacy screening assessment for use by the schools located in the school district or the charter school, respectively. The early literacy screening assessment prescribed must include screening for: (a) Phonological and phonemic awareness; (b) Sound-symbol recognition; (c) Alphabet knowledge; (d) Decoding skills; (e) Rapid naming skills; and (f) Encoding skills.

State Recognized Screeners

Abecedarian Reading Assessment
Arkansas Rapid Naming Screener
FCRR's OPM Oral Reading Fluency (Grades 1 - 5)
Gentry Developmental Test of Spelling
Houghton Mifflin phonics/decoding screening test
Phonemic Awareness Screener Assessment

See the state department of education website for guidelines on grade level-use and test-content correspondences.



Nevada does not have pre-service legislation related to dyslexia.



At least one employee in each school must be trained to (1) recognize indicators of dyslexia, and (2) the science related to teaching pupils with dyslexia. Professional development must be provided by learning strategies, and may be provided through online training.



Section 9 of AB341: (1) requires each school district and charter school to administer screenings for dyslexia to certain pupils in certain grade levels; and (2) requires a school district and charter school to address the needs of a pupil if the screening confirms that a pupil has indicators for dyslexia through the response to scientific, research-based intervention system of instruction. Intervention should be systematic, multi-sensory, and offered in an appropriate setting that is derived from a research evidence-base.

Literacy State-identified Measurable Result (SIMR) - Part B

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Nevada Dyslexia Resource Guide

Decoding Dyslexia Nevada


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