Dyslexia Legislation

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HB 1031, HB950, and HB1046

This law establishes the Mississippi dyslexia therapy scholarship; defines dyslexia; requires that all compulsory-school-age children be screened for dyslexia during the period between the spring of kindergarten and the fall of grade 1 and other appropriate times as deemed necessary; requires that students receive comprehensive academic evaluations by trained diagnosticians in the diagnosis of dyslexia if screening indicates risk of dyslexia; requires the Department of Education to submit an annual report to the legislature summarizing student performance, student assessments, funding and any recommended changes; and prescribes dyslexia qualifications for administrative and instructional personnel.



According to HB 1031, (1) "(a) Each local school district shall adopt a policy to ensure that students will be screened in the Spring of kindergarten and the Fall of Grade 1. The component of the screening must include: (i) Phonological awareness and phonemic awareness; (ii) Sound symbol recognition; (iii) Alphabet knowledge; (iv) Decoding skills; (v) Encoding skills; and (vi) Rapid naming. (b) If a student fails the screener, the parent or legal guardian will be notified of the results of the screener. Subsequent dyslexia evaluations may be administered by licensed professionals, including: (i) Psychologists, licensed under Chapter 31, Title 73, Mississippi Code of 1972; (ii) Psychometrists, licensed by the Mississippi Department of Education; (iii) Speech Language Pathologists, licensed under Chapter 38, Title 73, Mississippi Code of 1972. (c) If a student fails the screener, the school district, in its discretion, may perform a comprehensive dyslexia evaluation, such evaluation must be administered by any of the licensed professionals identified under paragraph (b) of this subsection. (d) If a parent or legal guardian of a student who fails the dyslexia screener exercises the option to have a subsequent evaluation performed, such evaluation shall be administered by any of the licensed professionals identified under paragraph (b) of this subsection, and the resulting diagnosis of the subsequent evaluation must be accepted by the school district for purposes of determining eligibility for placement within a dyslexia therapy program within the current school or to receive a Mississippi Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for placement in a dyslexia program in another public school or nonpublic special purpose school."

State Recognized Screeners

Visit the state department of education website for up-to-date information about screeners.



Mississippi does not have pre-service legislation related to dyslexia.



Mississippi does not have in-service legislation related to dyslexia.

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) notes that training is required for dyslexia specialists, but such training is not required by law. For general recommendations, see: Mississippi Best Practices Dyslexia Handbook



Mississippi does not require dyslexia intervention.

Though not required by state law, interventions should be multisensory, systematic, specific language-based instructional programs. See the MDE handbook for details.

Literacy State-identified Measurable Result (SIMR) - Part B

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Mississippi Dyslexia Handbook

Decoding Dyslexia Mississippi


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