Dyslexia Legislation

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Maine HP016301 and LD231

HP016301 defines dyslexia, requires screening, and establishes a dyslexia consultant at the department of education.



As Maine Department of Education states, Maine law 20-A M.S.R. 4701-B requires school administrative units to screen students in kindergarten through second grade who have difficulty in these areas: A. Phonological and phonemic awareness; B. Sound-symbol recognition; C. Alphabet knowledge; D. Decoding skills; E. Rapid naming skills; and F. Encoding skills. However, the Maine Department of Education recommends universal screening for all students in kindergarten through second grade.

State Recognized Screeners

DIBELS 6th Edition
Test of Written Spelling-5
RAN/RAS. Fastbridge Learning
Shaywitz Dyslexia Screener

Visit the state department of education for up-to-date information.



Maine does not have pre-service legislation related to dyslexia.



March 1, 2016, and updated annually thereafter a plan that: A. Implements dyslexia awareness training for teachers; B. Implements professional development in evidence-based screening practices; and C. Identifies needs of school administrative units for implementing evidence-based practices and response to scientific, research-based intervention strategies for reading and language-based learning difficulties.



Maine does not require dyslexia intervention.

Maine law 20-A M.S.R. 4701-B does not specifically require intervention based on screening results. However, the Dyslexia Coordinator created by the law shall "assist the department in complying with the provisions of this section and the general education interventions required in the department's special education rules as they pertain to students struggling with reading or showing early indicators of reading difficulty."

Literacy State-identified Measurable Result (SIMR) - Part B

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Maine Department of Education Dyslexia Resources

Decoding Dyslexia Maine


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