Dyslexia Legislation

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HB69 and HR187

HR187 amends KRS Chapter 158 to “define ‘dyslexia’ and ‘qualified dyslexia screening tool’; require the Department of Education to make available a dyslexia toolkit that includes guidance on the instruction of students displaying characteristics of dyslexia; require the Department of Education to collaborate with the Kentucky Collaborative Center for Literacy Development to update professional development for teachers related to dyslexia; require each local board of education to develop policies for identifying and assisting students in kindergarten through grade three with dyslexia and other learning disabilities; require school districts to report data to the Department of Education regarding dyslexia screening and results; require teacher preparation programs to include instruction on dyslexia; require the commissioner of education to select three school districts to serve as dynamic laboratories of learning. Amend KRS 158.305 to revise the definition of "dyslexia"; require local boards of education to develop policies related to the implementation of response-to-intervention; require the Department of Education, in collaboration with the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics, to report to the Interim Joint Committees on Education and Health and Welfare by November 30 of each year regarding school districts' implementation of response-to-intervention.



In Kentucky, local education agencies are required to develop policies for identifying students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, and to report data to the Kentucky Department of Education.



By 2019-2020, teacher preparation programs must provide training on dyslexia and screening and intervention strategies. See HB187 Section 3 for specific requirements.



The Kentucky Department of Education is charged with collaborating with other agencies to coordinate the provision of professional development related to dyslexia.



Kentucky requires local education agencies to develop screening and intervention policies and to report screening and intervention data to the department.

Literacy State-identified Measurable Result (SIMR) - Part B

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Decoding Dyslexia Kentucky

International Dyslexia Association Kentucky

The Kentucky Department of Education K-3 Dyslexia Toolkit


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