Dyslexia Legislation

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SF2319, SF2196, SF2360, and Iowa Administrative Code (IAC)

SF2319 defines dyslexia, and authorizes technical assistance and professional development related to dyslexia. SF2196 describes literacy requirements for teacher preparation programs.

IAC requires any practitioner seeking a reading endorsement to have 24 semester hours in reading that include the definition of dyslexia; and appropriate interventions, remediation, assistive technology, and accommodations for students with dyslexia. Practitioners must also demonstrate knowledge of signs and symptoms of dyslexia and other reading difficulties; reading theory; various aspects of language development (e.g., phonological awareness, morphology) and the ability to integrate literacy instruction into content areas for subgroups of students, including students with dyslexia. IAC also outlines teacher preparation requirements related to dyslexia, and requirements for an elementary school teaching endorsement, the latter of which requires 9 training hours in areas including but not limited to phonemic awareness, and the assessment and diagnosis of student literacy, including the signs and symptoms of dyslexia.



Iowa does not have dyslexia screening legislation.



Iowa Administrative Code now has various dyslexia-related training requirements for practitioners. Specific requirements vary by practitioner type.



Iowa does not have in-service legislation related to dyslexia. However, individuals seeking endorsements in specific areas such as reading will need to complete dyslexia-specific training.



Iowa does not require dyslexia intervention.

Literacy State-identified Measurable Result (SIMR) - Part B

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