Supporting school systems to effectively teach essential literacy content to all students, including students with or at risk for literacy-related disabilities.

Building capacity related to implementation of a universal screening process to identify students at risk for reading difficulties, including dyslexia.

Intensification of instruction and intervention to comprehensively support the individual needs of students with or at risk for literacy-related disabilities.

Use of Response to Intervention in reading to determine special education eligibility in schools that use a multi-tiered systems of support approach.


Our liaisons provide technical assistance to Regional Comprehensive Center (RCC) staff so they may better assist SEAs in developing and implementing state and local structures, procedures and policies to address student challenges in learning to read and write.

Mother reading with child

This toolkit helps teachers and families understand what the alphabetic principle and phonics are and how to support a child's development of these important reading skills.

Studies report fundamental differences in brain development and activation patterns between individuals with dyslexia and those without.

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South Carolina Department of Education

This page includes the South Carolina Department of Education's resources related to dyslexia.

Topic: Dyslexia

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Pennsylvania's literacy plan provides guidance to stakeholders about their roles in developing an integrated, aligned, and comprehensive set of literacy experiences for children (Birth-grade 12).

Topic: Advocacy, Professional Development

International Dysleixa Association

IDA's definition of dyslexia.

Topic: Dyslexia

Individualized Educational Program


A written learning plan for special education services that is designed to meet the specific learning needs of a child.