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Reading skills provide the foundation for academic success. From the beginning of school, students should be taught different ways of using language to help them learn and communicate about academic content. This brief discusses two areas of literacy development that students must learn so that they can do well in school: foundational reading skills and academic language.

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Technical Assistance Bulletin on Specific Learning Disabilities, including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia

Maryland Department of Education

This bulletin provides an overview of federal and state law concerning specific learning disabilities and the practical implications for school districts in Maryland.


Mississippi Department of Education

Mississippi Department of Education

This page includes Mississippi-specific resource guides and legislation on specific learning disabilities, including dyslexia.


Syllabus Evaluation Matrix: Evidence-based Reading Instruction for Grades K-5

Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform

Use this matrix to evaluate teacher preparation and professional development programs in the area of evidence-based reading instruction for Grades K-5.


Maine Department of Education Dyslexia

Maine Department of Education

Read an overview of dyslexia as it relates to education in Maine.



Our liaisons provide technical assistance to Regional Comprehensive Center (RCC) staff so they may better assist SEAs in developing and implementing state and local structures, procedures and policies to address student challenges in learning to read and write.

  • Sarah Sayko: Mid-Atlantic, Appalachia, Texas, and Great Lakes
  • Sheryl Turner: Southeast, Florida and the Islands, and Mid-West
  • Andrea Reade: Northeast, South Central, and Central
  • Brian Gearin: Northwest, Pacific, California, West and North Central

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State of Dyslexia

Dyslexia legislation in the United States of America.

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