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Dyslexia is a brain-based learning disability that specifically impairs a person’s ability to read. For individuals with dyslexia, specific portions of the brain typically associated with important reading processes may not function in the same ways that they do in individuals without dyslexia. Individuals with dyslexia often have difficulty with phonological processing, spelling, or rapid visual-verbal responding. Importantly, dyslexia is related to reading difficulties, not difficulties that arise from intellectual functioning.

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The IRIS Center

This module examines how to use collaborative strategic reading in your classroom.

Health & Human Services

This workshop is designed to help early childhood educators create programs to partner with parents who are immigrants. The workshop includes preparation instructions, step-by-step directions to facilitate workshops, and follow-up activities.

Health & Human Services

View a workshop for early childhood staff to explore and practice everyday strategies to develop Positive Goal-Oriented Relationships with a family. Simulation 2 explores the process of developing and implementing goals with families.

Reading Rockets

Look at Reading Rockets' top 10 recommended resources for phonological and phonemic awareness.


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Dyslexia legislation in the United States of America.

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