Student and teacher reading a book

This toolkit helps parents and educators learn about dyslexia and how to support the literacy development of students with dyslexia.

Studies report fundamental differences in brain development and activation patterns between individuals with dyslexia and those without.


Explore dyslexia legislation and related initiatives in your state with this interactive map. Read an overview of legislation, requirements, and initiatives that discus dyslexia in K-12 settings.

Understanding Screening: Classification Accuracy

Classification accuracy is a key characteristic of screening tools. A goal in classification accuracy is to correctly identify issues that result in a later problem and situations in which the scores identify issues that do not result in a later problem.

Class of students with hands up.

This toolkit helps educators and parents learn about how screening can help determine which students may be at risk for reading difficulties.

This infographic compares different approaches to screening fourth and fifth grade students to determine which most accurately identified risk of reading difficulties.

Recommended Resources

Doing What Works

A reading specialist demonstrates modeling, guided practice (i.e., I do, We do, You do), and error correction strategies during an intensive one-on-one lesson on letter sounds.

Topic: Phonics, Interventions

The Center on Instruction

The intended audience for this guide is elementary school leaders. The guide contains resources for use both during the professional development and during actual classroom walkthroughs.

Topic: Assessments, Professional Development

The University of Florida Lastinger Center

Play rhyming games to build early language and literacy skills in young children.

Topic: Phonological Awareness

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