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Health & Human Services

This workshop helps early childhood staff to learn how meaningful family engagement contributes to children's school readiness and healthy development. Explore the research about the link between family engagement and school readiness, and find strategies and additional resources to support staff and programs in boosting their family engagement and school readiness practices.

Topic: Partnerships

Doing What Works

High school English teacher Lori Manning uses these instructional materials to scaffold student text comprehension. Materials include a list of text comprehension questions; graphic organizers used to help students make connections and inferences; and a student example of a visualization activity used to demonstrate understanding of a text quote from a short story.

Topic: Comprehension

National Center on Intensive Intervention

Watch this video to learn about using different types of assessments in RTI.

Topic: Interventions

Doing What Works

A team process outline and data forms used by RtI teams in Oregon schools to identify students and plan interventions.

Topic: General Literacy, Assessments

Doing What Works

This multimedia overview explains the value of universal screening, the recommended components of an effective screening system, and cut-points to identify at-risk students.

Topic: General Literacy, Assessments

Doing What Works

Hear a principal and literacy specialist describe the use of professional learning communities to unpack standards and guide instruction. The principal addresses standards-based instruction, and the specialist describes how teachers collaborate to build understanding, review assessments, and frame lessons.

Topic: Comprehension, Professional Development

National Center on Intensive Interventions

This user-guide for selecting reading lessons addresses key reading skills and instructional principles that can help intensify and individualize reading instruction.

Topic: Comprehension, Phonological Awareness, Vocabulary

Doing What Works

The Portales preschool program uses this framework to organize information about phonological awareness skills as explained by the program's principal investigator in Phonological Awareness: A Sequential Approach.

Topic: Phonological Awareness, Professional Development

Doing What Works

This multimedia overview explains the importance of progress monitoring as a tool to guide differentiated instruction.

Topic: General Literacy

Doing What Works

This protocol can be used by reading specialists and language arts coordinators to help teachers review student progress and use data to plan instructional interventions for struggling adolescent readers.

Topic: Assessments, Interventions, Professional Development