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Doing What Works

View a presentation of a second-grade teacher using a gradual release of responsibility to teach summarizing. She uses story maps, guided practice, and literacy center games to support students in learning this strategy. View the related sample material developed by the teacher, I Can...Reading Strategy Books.

Topic: Comprehension

Doing What Works

This sample material includes a lesson plan and discussion cards used by a third/fourth-grade teacher to help guide text discussions. The discussion cards provide cues to help students become critical thinkers before, during, and after reading the text. Watch the presentation, Using Peer Collaboration and Self-Reflection to Engage With Text, to see the lesson in action.

Topic: Comprehension

Doing What Works

Use this tool to introduce teachers to the idea of a "gradual release of responsibility," to help them assess their own practice, and to explore teaching examples they might want to adapt for their classrooms.

Topic: Comprehension, Professional Development

Doing What Works

This tool can be used by reading specialists, coaches, and teachers to reflect on their implementation of systematic and explicit teaching strategies during small group and one-to-one tiered interventions.

Topic: General Literacy, Assessments, Interventions

Doing What Works

Staff developers can use this assessment form to help secondary teachers reflect on ways they are providing comprehension strategy instruction in content area lessons.

Topic: Comprehension, Professional Development, Assessments

Doing What Works

Reading specialists and language arts curriculum coordinators can use this tool to help secondary teachers reflect on ways they are embedding vocabulary strategies into their content area lessons. In addition, teachers can use this tool for self-assessment of current practice and as a way to generate ideas for improving instruction.

Topic: Vocabulary, Professional Development

The Joan Gantz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

Teachers can use this resource for tips and strategies on how to improve their students' learning.

Topic: Partnerships, Remote Learning

Institute of Education Sciences

This guide describes how to teach academic content and literacy to English learners in elementary and middle school.

Topic: English Learners

The Center on Instruction

This guide describes the types of instruction and leadership activities necessary to help all children become proficient readers in elementary school.

Topic: Beginning Reading

Doing What Works

Hear how a kindergarten teacher adapts a lesson on narrative text elements for her special needs students. Instructional strategies include building on background knowledge, using visual materials, character and setting illustrations, and reteaching. Review the related sample material, Kindergarten Lesson Plan: Character and Setting.

Topic: Comprehension, Reading Disabilities, Dyslexia