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EdResearch for Recovery

This brief is one in a series aimed at providing K-12 education decision makers and advocates with an evidence base to ground discussions about how to best serve students during and following the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Topic: Remote Learning

Doing What Works

Watch how a third-grade teacher uses partner sharing to help her students discuss questions about what they are reading. She supports her students' talk by laying the groundwork for effective collaboration and providing supportive structures. For more details, view her lesson plan, Third-Grade Buddy Talk Lesson.

Topic: Comprehension

Doing What Works

Listen to high school English teacher Jim Burke describe the importance of providing opportunities for adolescents to discuss text. He explains how he establishes a supportive environment for discussions and describes note-taking organizers he uses to help students prepare for text discussions.

Topic: Comprehension, Adolescent Literacy

National Center on Intensive Interventions

This lesson on building automaticity with letter sounds may be used to supplement reading instruction to meet student needs.

Topic: Fluency with Text

Pennsylvania Parent Education and Advocacy Leadership Center

This handbook describes the development of language and literacy skills, comprehensive language and communication supports, comprehensive literacy supports from birth, and literacy and children with disabilities.

Topic: Dyslexia, Language Development

Reading is Fundamental

This Reading is Fundamental resource recommends book titles and activity to helping children learn new concepts like counting, measuring, and letter recognition.

Topic: Language Development, Vocabulary

Reading Rockets

Read this guide for ideas about how to plan instruction around achieving the Common Core reading standards.

Topic: Beginning Reading

Doing What Works

In this video, math teacher Maureen Ferry talks about how she uses vocabulary games and journals to help students develop an understanding of new words. View the related sample material, Middle School Math: Vocabulary Building Lesson and Related Materials.

Topic: Vocabulary, Adolescent Literacy

Children's Learning Institute at UTHealth (The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)

Practice naming letters with your preschooler through a game buried letters, and by creating a collage. Watch the video to see it in action!

Topic: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics

California Department of Education

This webpage links to California's state resources for implementing the CCSS literacy standards.

Topic: Advocacy, Professional Development

California Department of Education

View dyslexia resource guides, California's laws concerning dyslexia, and related information.

Topic: Dyslexia

California Department of Education

This webpage features resources to support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in California.

Topic: General Literacy

California Department of Education

Read a guide aimed at helping educators identify, assess, and support students with dyslexia.

Topic: Dyslexia, Identification

Great Schools

See fifth graders finding the meaning of tricky words by using context and picture clues, glossaries, and dictionaries. Notice that fifth graders can also explain the meaning of new words.

Topic: Vocabulary, Comprehension, Language Development

Great Schools

This video shows you fifth graders using graphic organizers to take notes about a topic and its supporting details. Watch these kids cite and sort evidence from multiple sources and organize information in an outline to write their essays.

Topic: Writing, Comprehension

Great Schools

See fifth graders writing a thesis, introduction, conclusion, and a main body with examples. They also revise and edit their writing.

Topic: Writing

Great Schools

This video shows a first grader demonstrating how to find the meaning of new words. Watch as he figures out word meanings by using context and pictures as clues.

Topic: Vocabulary, Language Development, Comprehension

Great Schools

This video by Great Schools shows you the skills first graders need to be successful in understanding, discussing, and writing about text. Watch as these kids use the information they hear, see, and read to understand a topic and the details that support it.

Topic: Comprehension, Writing

Great Schools

See first graders writing a simple topic sentence and concluding sentence, and a main body with examples. They also revise and edit their writing.

Topic: Writing

Great Schools

Watch fourth graders using graphic organizers to take notes about a topic and its supporting details. Useful ideas for teaching how to cite evidence from text and how to prepare for writing their essays.

Topic: Writing, Comprehension