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Maine Parent Federation and Main AIM Program

Watch a video that gives an overview of dyslexia and Accessible Instructional Materials to support children with dyslexia.

Topic: Dyslexia

Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia

Read this infographic to learn potential accommodations for students with dyslexia.

Topic: Dyslexia

Learning Disabilities Association of America

This article gives ideas for giving young children with learning disabilities opportunities to practice the skills they are taught. Ideas include playing games using newly learned letters and words; finding numbers, letters and words in everyday items; and games that provide practice with numbers, letters, words and concepts.

Topic: Phonics

Reading is Fundamental

This Reading is Fundamental resource offers suggestions for play activities to help young children build language, thinking, and physical skills that they will use to develop early writing skills.

Topic: Writing

The IRIS Center

Don Deshler, Professor of Special Education and Director of the Center for Research on Learning at the University of Kansas, discusses some of the challenges related to addressing the reading needs of academically diverse students in content-area classes.

Topic: Reading Disabilities, Vocabulary, Comprehension

Council of the Great City Schools

This guide focuses on the instructional challenges posed by school closures. In particular, it presents district curriculum leaders and staff with an instructional framework and additional resources for addressing unfinished learning and learning losses, as well as a review of essential skills and content in English language arts and mathematics to support access to grade-level content in key grade transitions for all students.

Topic: Remote Learning, General Literacy

Reading Rockets

Read this tip sheet for activities to develop beginning writing skills.

Topic: Writing

Doing What Works

Watch this multimedia overview to learn about five research-based, instructional practice recommendations for improving literacy levels in middle and high school.

Topic: Comprehension, Vocabulary

Doing What Works

For working with schools on a set of options that can be implemented at the school level for improving practice, including scheduling, professional development, policies, and so forth.

Topic: Comprehension, Vocabulary, Professional Development

Doing What Works

Use this template with districts to translate research-based recommendations into practical policies and activities.

Topic: Comprehension, Professional Development