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National Center on Intensive Interventions

This guide was developed by Melanie Kowalick, MTSS Curriculum Specialist in Wichita Falls Independent School District, during the spring of 2020 as part of an NCII community of practice focused on virtual intervention delivery.

Topic: Remote Learning, Interventions

Reading Rockets

This information sheet provides steps for helping your child blog.

Topic: Remote Learning, Writing

The Evidence Project at CRPE

This paper summarizes the findings from a panel of assessment experts on diagnostic assessments and their role in helping educators and parents support student learning.

Topic: Remote Learning, Assessments

Florida Center for Instructional Technology

A free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format. An abstract, citation, playing time, and word count are given for each of the passages. Many of the passages also have a related reading strategy identified. Each reading passage can also be downloaded as a PDF and printed for use as a read-along or as supplemental reading material.

Topic: Remote Learning, Comprehension

National Comprehensive Center

This is one in a series of guides for educators principals, coaches, literacy specialists who lead literacy efforts in their schools. This interactive resource offers strategies to use for literacy instruction in remote and hybrid environments as educators navigate the challenge of disruptions and lost learning time. While flexibility during challenging times is important, the ability to adapt and consider new possibilities for literacy teaching and learning provides the opportunity to reconsider and refine practices when in-person learning resumes. Links to evidence-based resources are provided throughout the text.

Topic: Remote Learning, Beginning Reading, Partnerships

National Center on Intensive Interventions

NCII provides a series of reading lessons to support special education instructors, reading interventionists, and others working with students who struggle with reading. These lessons, adapted with permission from the Florida Center for Reading Research and Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk, address key reading and prereading skills

Topic: Remote Learning, Interventions

National Center on Intensive Interventions

This resource developed by Sarah Thorud, Elementary Reading Specialist from Clatskanie School District in Oregon focuses on implementing screening and progress monitoring virtually.

Topic: Remote Learning, Screening


To make your online assignments easier for all students to access, follow these tips.

Topic: Remote Learning, Reading Disabilities

International Dysleixa Association

This fact sheet offers an overview and some general recommendations for selecting appropriate tools for learning or practicing skills (instructional technology) and for allowing independent performance of a function that would be difficult without the technology (assistive technology).

Topic: Dyslexia, Remote Learning

U.S. Department of Education

This guide aims to help all parents and caregivers, including those who have limited experience with digital tools, those who are expert with these tools, and anywhere in between.

Topic: Remote Learning, Partnerships

Common Sense Media

Google's free-to-schools organization platform makes it easy for students to keep all their schoolwork in one place -- but it invites privacy and safety risks that parents should keep an eye on.

Topic: Remote Learning

Common Sense Media

Learn more about the video-conferencing software that took the world by storm -- until privacy and security issues caused a backlash.

Topic: Remote Learning

The Joan Gantz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

Families can use this resource for tips and strategies on how to improve their child's learning.

Topic: Partnerships, Remote Learning

Center on PBIS

A routine to start class or the day with a positive interaction. It can include greeting students by name, shaking a student's hand, asking a short question, or making a friendly comment that communicates they are welcome.

Topic: Remote Learning

National Center on Accessible Educational Materials

Learn about the features for customizing the reading experience into two broad categories: display options and text to speech.

Topic: Remote Learning, Dyslexia