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Doing What Works

Listen to a kindergarten teacher discuss differentiation within core instruction, including strategies for teaching English language learners.

Topic: General Literacy, Beginning Reading

Great Schools

Watch a video illustrating what typical kindergarten reading looks like in action.

Topic: Beginning Reading, Phonics

Great Schools

Watch a video of a kindergarten student fluently reading, and rereading to more accurately read punctuation.

Topic: Fluency with Text, Beginning Reading

Great Schools

Watch a video showing kindergarteners demonstrate that they understand what they have read. Watch as they tell what they learned from their book, and listen to how they connect what they have read to what they already know.

Topic: Comprehension, Beginning Reading, Vocabulary

Great Schools

In this video, a kindergartener demonstrates that he understands what he reads. Watch as he answers questions about his book and points to evidence in the book to support his thinking.

Topic: Comprehension, Beginning Reading

Iowa Reading Research Center

This document outlines the high-priority skills students need to master in each grade level (kindergarten through Grade 3).

Topic: Beginning Reading

The Iris Center

Practice thinking through how to use evidence-based strategies to support struggling early readers using case study scenarios and associated STAR Resource sheets

Topic: Beginning Reading

Institute of Education Sciences

This guide describes how to provide effective literacy instruction for English language learners in the elementary grades

Topic: Beginning Reading, English Learners

National Center for Systemic Improvement

In this video, Drs. Naomi Rahn and Sharon Vaughn discuss evidence-based practices to improve language and literacy outcomes for children.

Topic: Interventions, Language Development, Beginning Reading

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

This guide provides tips on using apps together with your family, real life examples, information on how to find and choose the apps that best fit your family's needs and ways that apps can support children's healthy development and learning, and links to other information and resources.

Topic: Beginning Reading, Language Development