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California MATRIX Parent Information and Resource Center

This information sheet suggests questions about interventions, making progress, and assessments you might ask your child's school before, during, or after an IEP meeting.

Topic: Dyslexia, Advocacy

Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia

Read this infographic to learn how dyslexia fits within an IEP in Tennessee.

Topic: Dyslexia, Assessments

IDA - Oregon

Videos of technology tips for students with dyslexia.

Topic: Advocacy, Dyslexia

U.S. Government Publishing Office

View the definition of a "learning disability" as defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Many students with reading difficulties, including students with dyslexia, will be provided for under the "specific learning disability" category.

Topic: Advocacy, Dyslexia, Legislation

Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia

Read this infographic for information about dyslexia is identified in Tennessee schools.

Topic: Dyslexia, Assessments, Identification

Illinois Department of Education

View dyslexia resource guides, Illinois's laws concerning dyslexia, and related information.

Topic: Dyslexia

The National Center for Systemic Improvement

This table describes some resources that align to the evidence-based practices questions (component 2) as part of the SSIP Phase II Guidance Document.

Topic: Dyslexia, Interventions, Partnerships

International Dyslexia Association

This fact sheet provides information and resources for adolescents and adults with dyslexia. Read about identifying and addressing instructional needs, and factors for school and job success.

Topic: Advocacy, Dyslexia

What types of tests are in a dyslexia evaluation? How is dyslexia diagnosed? Get an inside look as Matthew M. Cruger, PhD, a clinical psychologist and senior director of the Learning and Development Center at the Child Mind Institute, evaluates a child for learning and thinking differences.

Topic: Advocacy, Dyslexia

The Center on Instruction

This publication provides research-based guidance for intensifying instruction in reading and mathematics for students with significant learning difficulties, including students with disabilities, in kindergarten through grade 12.

Topic: Dyslexia, Interventions, Reading Disabilities