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The Center on Instruction

This guide provides detailed recommendations for implementing an assessment system from practical experiences in helping many school leaders implement successful plans.

Topic: Assessments, Screening

American Institutes for Research

This is an annual report from Pennsylvania's Dyslexia Screening and Intervention pilot program.

Topic: Dyslexia, Interventions, Screening

REL Southeast

This infographic describes common assessment terms used in reading.

Topic: Assessment, Screening

Doing What Works

Faith Giddens, curriculum planner and testing coordinator, describes how secondary school staff collaborates to design interventions based on assessment results, team reviews of student work, and data-driven success plans. View the sample material, Planning for Student Success.

Topic: Interventions, Professional Development, Screening

Doing What Works

Listen to a literacy coach explains how the use of screening data has changed instruction at her school.

Topic: General Literacy, Assessments, Screening

Oregon Department of Education

Use this checklist to gather information about family history of reading difficulties.

Topic: Assessments, Screening, Dyslexia

Achieve the Core

Need ideas about how to use data to inform instruction on instructional reading skills? Check out this video.

Topic: Assessments, Screening

Doing What Works

Dr. Compton outlines the components of a schoolwide screening system and gives an example of how a school might implement a universal screening program.

Topic: General Literacy, Assessments, Screening

Kentucky Department of Education

This handbook provides an overview of how schools in Kentucky can implement dyslexia screening and intervention.

Topic: Dyslexia, Interventions, Screening

Center for Disease Control

Use this milestone checklist to learn about important language and communication developmental milestones for your preschooler, see the milestones in action, and monitor milestones with your doctor.

Topic: Screening