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Partnership for Reading

This booklet describes activities that parents can do with their children to improve reading skills at specific ages from kindergarten through third grade.

Topic: Beginning Reading

Texas Partners Resource Network

Read a fact sheet that discusses effective reading instruction and how educators develop and implement effective instruction.

Topic: Beginning Reading, Language Development


The information in this Third Grade Teacher's Guide is designed to assist teachers in supporting out-of-school literacy activities that are aligned to classroom instruction, informed by student need, grounded in evidence-based practices, and facilitated by ongoing parent-teacher communication. The Teacher's Guide provides a framework for literacy support activities presented during schools' family literacy nights and parent-teacher conferences.

Topic: Beginning Reading, Partnerships

Doing What Works

A preschool teacher discusses how she plans early literacy and language instruction, extends learning through teachable moments, and monitors student learning using a thematic unit on oceans.

Topic: Beginning Reading

Alabama Department of Education

Developed by the Alabama Department of Education, this document describes children's stages of literacy skills, and what teachers and families can do to support reading development.

Topic: Beginning Reading, Language Development

National Institute for Literacy

This booklet shares family common goals about literacy for their children along with actions to take that match the goals.

Topic: Beginning Reading

University of Oregon's Center on Teaching and Learning

This webpage gives an overview of the Five Big Ideas in Beginning Reading.

Topic: Beginning Reading

Reading Rockets

Read this guide for ideas about how to plan instruction around achieving the Common Core reading standards.

Topic: Beginning Reading

Great Schools

This video shows a kindergartener demonstrating how to find a word's meaning. Watch as she defines a word using context and then uses the glossary to check her guess.

Topic: Vocabulary, Language Development, Beginning Reading

The IRIS Center

Get some ideas about how troubleshoot early reading instruction by reading about these realistic scenarios.

Topic: Beginning Reading