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South Carolina Department of Education

This page includes the South Carolina Department of Education's resources related to dyslexia.

Topic: Dyslexia

South Dakota Department of Education

This handbook contains information about dyslexia for teachers and parents living in South Dakota.

Topic: Dyslexia

International Dyslexia Association

This informational sheet discusses how common are spelling difficulties, what causes spelling problems, diagnosis of spelling problems, how do children learn to spell, what are the implications for teaching, and is the English spelling system predictable or unpredictable.

Topic: Dyslexia, Reading Disabilities, Writing

Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia

A planning guide to support shared reading experiences in the home.

Topic: Dyslexia, Remote Learning, Beginning Reading

Reading Rockets

This tip sheet shares real children's struggles with reading and provides tips for supporting them.

Topic: Interventions, Dyslexia, English Learners

Reading Rockets

This tool is designed to help parents understand the specific problems a child may be having with reading, including practical suggestions on what you (and kids themselves) can do to help students address their reading difficulties.

Topic: Beginning Reading, Dyslexia

Texas Department of Education

View the Texas Department of Education's resources related to dyslexia.

Topic: Dyslexia

Both Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans can offer formal help for K–12 students with learning and attention issues. They’re similar in some ways but quite different in others. This chart compares them side-by-side to help you understand the differences.

Topic: Dyslexia

U.S. Department of Education

Read the text of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and relevant regulations.

Topic: Advocacy, Dyslexia, Legislation

The National Center on Intensive Interventions

This resource accompanies the NCII video demonstrations of sample instruction and provides helpful tips for parents when using the lesson plans in a virtual environment.

Topic: Dyslexia, Reading Disabilities, Remote Learning

Virginia Department of Education

Find resources related to specific disabilities for Virginia schools.

Topic: Dyslexia

The National Center on Intensive Interventions

This video provides an example of how a parent can implement one of the NCII sample reading lessons to provide additional practice opportunities

Topic: Dyslexia, Reading Disabilities, Remote Learning

Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

This page includes Washington's resources related to dyslexia.

Topic: Dyslexia

The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk

This flyer describes how dyslexia can look in middle schoolers.

Topic: Dyslexia, Reading Disabilities


Learn more about this accessible online library for people with print disabilities.

Topic: Dyslexia, Interventions