This toolkit helps families join efforts to support children’s literacy growth in remote or blended learning environments.

You will learn:

  • Features of remote literacy learning.
  • Roles that families play.
  • Coaching steps to support literacy learning at home.

This toolkit includes:

  • Overview Video & Resources
  • Research Briefs & Infographics
  • Tools & Tips for Families

Overview of Remote Literacy Learning

Remote literacy learning is a collaboration among schools, families, and students. Watch this brief overview video and explore these resources for a quick introduction to the features of remote literacy learning.

What is Remote Literacy Learning? What should it include? What are important considerations for students with reading disabilities? Learn the answer to these and other questions about Remote Literacy Learning in five minutes!

Schools and Families As Partners in Remote Literacy Learning

Remote literacy learning is a collaboration among schools, families, and students.

Parents & Families, Schools & Districts
Remote Learning
PBIS Center

This guide describes the use of a multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) framework, like positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS), to restart classrooms and schools in a manner that all students, families, and educators are supported effectively, efficiently, and relevantly.

Topic: Remote Learning, General Literacy

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

Families can use this resource for tips and strategies on how to improve their child's learning.

Topic: Partnerships, Remote Learning

REL Central

This handout presents strategies for bridging the digital divide during remote learning.

Topic: Partnerships, Remote Learning

Families as Partners in Remote Literacy Learning

Learn what roles families and schools play in remote literacy learning and how families can create conditions to partner effectively with families and support children’s literacy growth in remote learning.

Remote Literacy Learning: Families as Partners

Remote literacy learning includes a mixture of literacy learning experiences that are teacher-led, family-led, and student-led. It is a collaboration among schools, families, and students. Parents have an important role in helping develop your child’s literacy skills.

Parents & Families
Remote Learning
Coaching Steps for Families

You can coach your child’s literacy learning at home. This means interacting with and guiding your child so he or she grows and succeeds.

Parents & Families
Beginning Reading, Partnerships
National Institute for Literacy

This playbook talks about the five components of reading, games to play with kids to develop their literacy skills, and shares 20 stories of Dads who have helped their kids learn to read.

Topic: Beginning Reading

REL Southeast

These videos and activities provide families with information about how to support children as they practice foundational reading skills at home.

Topic: Partnerships, Remote Learning, Beginning Reading

REL Pacific

Parents and caregivers can use this resource to support their teenager's reading skills.

Topic: Comprehension, Vocabulary, Remote Learning

Institute of Education Sciences

Check out these evidence-based classroom practices that you might be able to adapt for home-use. (But please note that research has not investigated the efficacy of these practices in home contexts).

Topic: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency with Text

The National Center on Intensive Interventions

This resource accompanies the NCII video demonstrations of sample instruction and provides helpful tips for parents when using the lesson plans in a virtual environment.

Topic: Dyslexia, Reading Disabilities, Remote Learning

The National Center on Intensive Interventions

This video provides an example of how a parent can implement one of the NCII sample reading lessons to provide additional practice opportunities

Topic: Dyslexia, Reading Disabilities, Remote Learning

Florida Center for Reading Research

These videos provide families with information about how to do the FCRR student center activities at home with their child.

Topic: Remote Learning, Partnerships

The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk

Educational experts at MCPER have created videos to help parents and guardians use effective practices to teach students at home due to COVID-19

Topic: Remote Learning, Partnerships

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Learn tips for helping your child cope socially and emotionally with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Topic: Remote Learning, Partnerships

Florida Center for Reading Research, Center on Teaching and Learning

Use this free online assessment to screen your child for risk of future reading difficulties.

Topic: Remote Learning, Assessments

Parent Tips for Educating at Home

Breath and Relax

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. This is very hard, especially with the many other responsibilities you have. There is no right way to do this. We’re all figuring it out as we go.

Love and Support

Continue to do what you’re already doing, like being supportive, loving, and responsive to your child’s social, emotional, and learning needs. You know your child best.

Be You

You probably feel under-prepared for this new role. That’s natural. Being a home educator is very challenging. Your child’s school knows this and appreciates your efforts. You’ve got this!

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