The Tale of Peter Mink

The Tale of Peter Mink

Google ISBN: 9780766196995

WorldCat OCLC: 746972973

There were two ways in which Peter Mink was different from any of the other critters in Pleasant Valley, or on Blue Mountain. In the first place, he didn't have a home and in the second, he had a very long neck! Peter had no home because he didn't want one. And why he had such a long neck was because. . . . he just couldn't help it. When he grew sleepy, he crawled into any snug place he happened to find and often he even drove a muskrat out of his house so he could sleep there. That wasn't very nice! Peter Mink also was very messy and above all he hated to work.

Theme: Fitting In
Subject: Fantasy
Age: 10+
Type: eBook

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