Team Objective

Approximate Time to Complete: 1 Hour

Once you have completed the MTSS-R Implementation Checklist, you are ready for the prioritization step of a continuous improvement cycle. In this step, examine your MTSS-R Implementation Checklist results, your student reading performance data, and MTSS–R implementation data to identify and prioritize key implementation actions.

  1. Identify which tier of instruction (Core, Supplemental, or Intensive) is your highest priority (according to student reading performance data), and record it.
  2. Decide which implementation phase (Readiness, Initial Implementation, Advanced Implementation) is most representative of Element 1: Core Instruction and Intervention in your school’s current MTSS-R. Refer to your MTSS-R Implementation Checklist ratings and the MTSS-R Phases of Implementation Worksheet to gauge the health of your system and determine the overall level of priority for action planning.


Use the Prioritization PowerPoint to overview the prioritization process and complete the team objectives.

The Training Notes provide additional information to support you as you review the PowerPoint slides.

Use this worksheet to identify your school’s current implementation phase for each of the five MTSS-R elements.

Completed MTSS-R Implementation Checklist

Your completed Implementation Checklist results from Step 3.

School Data (if available)

  • Your student reading performance data
  • Your school implementation data