Team Objective

Approximate Time to Complete: 4-6 Hours

In this step, you'll start the continuous improvement cycle by evaluating your school’s current MTSS-R using the MTSS-R Implementation Checklist and identify key actions to further implementation.

As a team, watch the training videos to build background knowledge about the five elements and learn how to score the checklist. Then complete and score all sections of the MTSS-R Implementation Checklist. Consider doing this step across multiple meetings.


MTSS-R Implementation Checklist

The MTSS-R Implementation Checklist is a tool that schools use on an ongoing basis (e.g., each year) to continuously evaluate and improve MTSS-R. The Implementation Checklist provides a comprehensive list of actions that schools implement within each of the five major elements.

Training Videos

Videos on the five major MTSS-R elements and instructions on how to score the MTSS-R Implementation Checklist.