Team Objective

Approximate Time to Complete: 1 Hour

In this step, establish or refine a MTSS-R Leadership Team to oversee planning and implementing  MTSS–R in your school.

MTSS-R Leadership Team Click to Enlarge

1. Form a MTSS-R Leadership Team

It is important to establish a MTSS-R leadership team that represents multiple positions and encourages diverse perspectives in decision making. The team configuration may need to adjust over time based on future circumstances, needs, or priorities. Your MTSS-R Leadership Team should include:

  • School Principal (team leader): responsible for setting up the team, facilitating meetings, and making sure the leadership team process runs smoothly
  • Reading Coach
  • Reading Specialists
  • One Classroom Teacher from Each Grade
  • One Parent or Family Member
  • Other members, as appropriate (e.g., special education teacher, school psychologist)
2. Schedule Monthly MTSS-R Leadership Team Meetings for the School Year
  • Teams should meet each month for at least one hour.
  • Meetings should focus on developing, refining, and implementing the school action plan and using data to adjust implementation, as needed.
3. Review Team Responsibilities
  • Evaluate and support school-wide implementation of MTSS-R
  • Use data to oversee the systematic improvement of MTSS-R implementation and monitor student reading outcomes
  • Discuss and forecast issues or barriers related to MTSS-R implementation and strategize solutions