Knowing what words mean and how to say and use them correctly.

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Succeeding in School: Essential Features of Literacy Development

Reading skills provide the foundation for academic success. From the beginning of school, students should be taught different ways of using language to help them learn and communicate about academic content. This brief discusses two areas of literacy development that students must learn so that they can do well in school: foundational reading skills and academic language.

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Beginning Reading, Vocabulary

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Great Schools

This video shows a kindergartener demonstrating how to find a word's meaning. Watch as she defines a word using context and then uses the glossary to check her guess.

Topic: Vocabulary, Language Development, Beginning Reading

Great Schools

This video shows a first grader demonstrating how to find the meaning of new words. Watch as he figures out word meanings by using context and pictures as clues.

Topic: Vocabulary, Language Development, Comprehension

Great Schools

See a second grader demonstrate how to find the meaning of tricky words by using the glossary, context clues, and pictures.

Topic: Vocabulary, Comprehension