The ability to read words, phrases, sentences, and stories correctly, with enough speed, and expression.

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Learning to Read: “The Simple View of Reading”

Learning to read consists of developing skills in two areas: accurate, fluent reading and comprehending the meaning of texts. Learning these skills does not come naturally. Both accurate word reading and text comprehension require careful, systematic instruction.

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Beginning Reading

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Great Schools

Watch a video of a kindergarten student fluently reading, and rereading to more accurately read punctuation.

Topic: Fluency with Text, Beginning Reading

Great Schools

Watch first graders read correctly, smoothly, and at a natural speed.

Topic: Fluency with Text

Great Schools

This videoshows a second grader fluently reading. Watch as she reads smoothly, at a natural speed, and with expression. She can also answer comprehension questions about what she has read.

Topic: Fluency with Text, Comprehension