Ayudar a su hijo a separarse y conectar sonidos para pronunciar palabras apoya el éxito temprano en la lectura.

Four tips to use when reading with your child.

Helping your child with speech sounds supports early reading success.

Understanding Dyslexia:What are the Effects of Dyslexia

Signs of typical reading development and possible indicators of risk for dyslexia.

Student and teacher reading a book

This toolkit helps parents and educators learn about dyslexia and how to support the literacy development of students with dyslexia.

Expert : John Gabrieli Ph.D.

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Just Read, Florida!

Learn how to use popular song lyrics to play games at home that will build a child's understanding of sounds, words, and their relationships.

Topic: Language Development

Just Read, Florida!

This one-pager provides a way for your child to monitor his or her reading accuracy, rate, expression, and punctuation.

Topic: Fluency with Text

Children's Learning Institute at UTHealth (The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)

Teach your preschooler to recognize the letters of the alphabet, become familiar with the sounds each letter makes, and identify where in the alphabet the letter falls.

Topic: Identification, Phonics

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Language Processing


The ability to quickly and correctly match meaning to sound groups that form words, sentences and stories.


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