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This toolkit helps schools and families join efforts to support children’s literacy growth in remote or blended learning environments.

Schools and Families As Partners in Remote Literacy Learning

Remote literacy learning is a collaboration among schools, families, and students.

Remote Literacy Learning: Families as Partners

Remote literacy learning includes a mixture of literacy learning experiences that are teacher-led, family-led, and student-led. It is a collaboration among schools, families, and students. Parents have an important role in helping develop your child’s literacy skills.

Mother and Child reading book

This toolkit helps parents and families understand the many different skills involved with teaching your child to learn to read and how to support your child's reading development at school and home.

Helping your child with speech sounds supports early reading success.

Help your child practice language skills and understand ideas during everyday life.

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State of Dyslexia

Dyslexia legislation in the United States of America.

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Literacy Skill Checklist

Personalized resources aligned with literacy skills for beginning readers.

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The Literacy Playground for Kids & Families!

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Springboard Collaborative

Families can use this tool for tips on what to do while reading.

Topic: Comprehension

Center for Early Literacy Learning

This mini-poster provides parents with simple ways to incorporate literacy into grocery shopping routines.

Topic: Language Development, Phonics

The University of Florida Lastinger Center

Ask open-ended questions to build early language and literacy skills in young children.

Topic: Comprehension



Teaching that provides temporary instructional support, like an example or feedback, during initial learning of a concept or skill.