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Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Development at Home

Taking part in literacy experiences at home can develop your child’s reading ability, comprehension, and language skills.  Activities that you can engage in at home include: joint reading, drawing, singing, storytelling, reciting, game playing, and rhyming.  You can tailor activities to your child’s age and ability level, and can incorporate technology into your learning opportunities.

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Beginning Reading, Comprehension

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Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Development at Home Tutorial


The ability to identify and play with individual sounds in spoken words.

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Ask & Answer: Phonemic Awareness

What is Phonemic Awareness? Why is it important? How should it be taught? Learn the answer to these and other questions about Phonemic Awareness.

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Susan Lowell
Susan Lowell
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Just Read, Florida!

This infographic shows how the number of minutes a child reads each day adds up and helps make a child a better reader.

Center for Early Literacy Learning

This guide describes practices to encourage your preschooler to play with words and to notice different sounds, syllables, and words.



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