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This toolkit, developed in collaboration with the Idaho State Department of Education, helps parents and families use everyday time together as an opportunity for learning and building reading skills.

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Partnering With Your Child’s School

You and the school share responsibility for your child’s language and literacy learning. Collaborate with your school to make decisions about your child’s literacy education right from the start. Your child benefits when you and the school work together to support her literacy development. Working together promotes faster development and catches trouble spots early.

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Reading instruction on understanding how letters and groups of letters link to sounds to form letter-sound relationships and spelling patterns.

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What is Phonics? Why is it important? How should it be taught? Learn the answer to these and other questions about Phonics.

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Guinevere Eden Ph.D.
Guinevere Eden Ph.D.
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The Literacy Playground for Kids & Families!

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Just Read, Florida!

This activity helps your kindergartener through second grader practice some beginning phonics skills.

Topic: Phonics

Great Schools

This videoshows a second grader fluently reading. Watch as she reads smoothly, at a natural speed, and with expression. She can also answer comprehension questions about what she has read.

Topic: Fluency with Text, Comprehension

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