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Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Development at Home

Taking part in literacy experiences at home can develop your child’s reading ability, comprehension, and language skills.  Activities that you can engage in at home include: joint reading, drawing, singing, storytelling, reciting, game playing, and rhyming.  You can tailor activities to your child’s age and ability level, and can incorporate technology into your learning opportunities.

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Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Development at Home Tutorial


The ability to recognize that spoken words are made up of individual sound parts.

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Mom with Child

What is Phonological Awareness? Why is it important? How should it be taught? How can families support phonological awareness development? Learn the answer to these and other questions about Phonological Awareness.

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Mark Seidenberg Ph.D.
Mark Seidenberg Ph.D.
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Great Schools

In this clip, a first grader demonstrates that he understands what he reads. Watch as he answers questions about his book and points to evidence in the book to support his thinking.

Great Schools

This video shows fourth graders fluently reading. Watch as they read smoothly, at a natural speed, and with expression. Notice that fourth graders self correct and can answer comprehension questions about what they have read.



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