How can early detection of dyslexia be improved?



We also think that the screening methods really need to be improved. So currently there is not enough screeners out there. A lot of the screeners out there are not screening all of the components important for learning to read — meaning things like phonological awareness, which is the ability to manipulate the sounds of language, letter sound, letter name knowledge, et cetera.

There's also the piece of oral language, which is really important for reading fluency and reading comprehension. So you want to also screen for things like vocabulary as well as oral listening comprehension, which is just listening to sentences and then deciding which picture goes with the sentence, which really illustrates whether the child has the capacity to understand complex syntax.

And I think more research there of course will be helpful, but I think there’s a general understanding that we can identify changes that follow interventions. And I think it will be interesting to look at those in different languages and in different writing systems and so on.

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Topic: Dyslexia, Screening