Our Collaborators

We work jointly with other organizations to support our mission. These collaborations help further our goals of promoting the use of evidence-based literacy practices.

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)

Our collaboration with DJJ focuses on a yearly comic book contest open to all students enrolled in the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS) programs. Learn about the Clash of Heroes Contest.

HILL For Literacy

The HILL will partner with NCIL to deliver evidence-based technical assistance to State, Regional, and Local Education Agencies and other TA centers or agencies who request support.

Idaho Department of Education

Our work with Idaho focused on supporting school systems to effectively teach essential literacy content to all students, including students with or at risk for literacy-related disabilities. Learn more about our Work in the Field with Idaho.

Maryland State Department of Education

Our collaboration with Maryland focused on implementing universal screening for dyslexia and general reading risk. Learn more about our Work in the Field with Maryland.

Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Special Education through Michigan’s MTSS Technical Assistance Center (MiMTSS)

Our collaboration with MiMTSS focused on intensification of instruction and intervention to comprehensively support the individual needs of students with or at risk for literacy-related disabilities, best practices for supporting students with dyslexia, and family engagement. Learn more about our Work in the Field with Michigan.

Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN)

Our collaboration with PaTTAN focused on the implementation of a high-quality, effective model focused on using Response to Intervention (RTI) within the context of multi-tiered systems of support in reading (MTSS-R) and supporting school leaders to facilitate such systems. Learn more about our Work in the Field with Pennsylvania.

The Lead for Literacy Center (L4L)

L4L and NCIL partner to support school-wide implementation of evidence-based literacy practices in districts and schools.

The National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII)

NCII and NCIL have partnered to create resources that provide information about screening, including our Understanding Screening infographic series.

The National Comprehensive Center (NCC)

Our collaboration with NCC includes jointly disseminating evidence-based literacy information and resources to stakeholders. We partner with NCC on literacy-related projects and activities to increase stakeholder capacity to effectively support students at risk of not attaining full literacy skills due to a disability.

The Reading League Journal (TRLJ)

Our collaboration with TRLJ involves the dissemination of Educator Toolkits, infographics, and other resources to build knowledge and support teachers and other educators to implement the science of reading.

WETA and Reading Rockets

WETA and NCIL have partnered on many dissemination products including Tutorials and Ask an Expert videos.

Rosseta Stone, Parent to Parent of Miami, & INCLUDEnyc

NCIL partnered with Rosseta Stone, Parent to Parent of Miami, and INCLUDEnyc to translate popular family-focused literacy briefs and infographics into Spanish.