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Infographic for Learning to Read: “The Simple View of Reading”. Read the brief for more information.

Learning to read consists of developing skills in two areas: accurate, fluent reading and comprehending the meaning of texts. Learning these skills does not come naturally. Both accurate word reading and text comprehension require careful, systematic instruction.

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Toolkit Part 2: Building a Cultural Bridge


Use a toolkit that is designed to guide school staff in strengthening partnerships with families and community members to support student learning. Part 2 focuses on tapping into the strengths of families and community members and helping families to establish active roles within the school community in support of student learning.


Tell Me a Story! Addressing Families Across Language and Culture

Health & Human Services

This workshop is designed to help early childhood educators develop meaningful strategies for building relationships with families who come from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The workshop includes preparation instructions, step-by-step directions to facilitate workshops, and follow-up activities.


English Language Learners with Learning Disabilities Webcast

Reading Rockets

Watch a webcast, featuring bilingual speech language pathologist Dr. CÌÁrdenas-Hagan, that discusses effective assessment and instruction strategies for English language learners with learning disabilities, as well as ways to help encourage the active involvement of parents of ELLs with LD in their children's schools.


Early Reading Case Study Unit

The Iris Center

Practice thinking through how to use evidence-based strategies to support struggling early readers using case study scenarios and associated STAR Resource sheets


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